Preparing for festivals or craft arts

If you have ever participated in a craft art or a festival as a seller you can skip reading this as most likely you know all quite well. If you have not, stay with me and read this.
You probably have walked around crafts, little markets and many places where artisans show and sells their products. Be kind to them as it is a lot of work!
Preparations stats months in advance to search and select which one to participate: there are cost, rules and a million things to take into consideration.

Coming closer to the event there is a lot of advertisement to be made to ensure that it is worth the investment.

Also you need to ensure you have all what is required by the organization. And that can be a lot!

On April 30 Solo Uno Jewels will be at a festival in old town Alexandria: we have to bring our on 10*10 tent, table, stools and materials.
One week before the event we generally select the pieces we will bring: with only one table you cannot really fill it that much and so what you will see is only a selection made for you. See our bench this morning:

Yesterday we prepared in our living room the table and I have to say I really like it although it is probably crowded. What do you think?

This time we also prepared some leaflets to provide these days to ensure that people knows about it and yesterday my little one was giving them away in front of our house and we managed to speak to a lot of very nice people.

On the day of the event we generally must be there 2 hours before to arrange everything and then be prepared for 7-8 hours of people alternating picks and fluxes and only after the even officially closes we will pack again everything and be home. This is rain 🌧  or shine ✨ 
Often there is no time to sit a minute, there are lots of interactions and questions and it is cool to see what each of you picks up to watch closer: there are also times of complete boredom and if it is cold the combination can make you doubt about the quality of your work. It should never be about you and your self worth but at times it comes down to it.

This year we have so far planned only two events:

  • The one on the next week end (Fine art and design festival- mother’s day celebration) and
  • another one on June 5th in Silver Spring (World Heritage Festival).

Hope to see you there!

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