Elba Island. TuscanyElba Island. Tuscany
We were made for this



Endless learning

Making jewels is experimenting: materials, forms, patterns, styles, colors. Since this adventure started, learning is being key: new tools, new techniques, different angles and opportunities. 

This is much more than a business: it is a learning journey and a discovery path and it is fascinating.

In the summer of 2021 we decided to bring to life this business: under the Tuscan sun, the sea of gorgeous Elba island, our first collection was born. Elbastones.

Since then more collections and experimentations have come to life and we look forward to more. This is exciting but it is also challenging: to be new in the business under a pandemic…well, it takes some craziness…

As a small business, your help and feedback to grow are essential: we would be excited if you would want to be part of our journey.  So please, help us grow and continue this adventure by commenting on our socials or via email. Tell us what you like or what we should do differently!

Necklaces and more uniquely designed by an italian designer based in Washington DC
Elbastone collection for Solo Uno Jewlels